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How It's Made

High-quality cannabis rosin is one of the best ways to enjoy the finest strains without having to light up
dried flower. The rosin itself is an ultra-concentrated powerhouse of full-spectrum THC, CBD, and other
beneficial cannabinoids associated with the plant. Extracting the concentrate and turning it into usable
rosin can be done in different ways. Water and ice extraction is one of the best methods in use

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Our Extraction Techniques


The process of creating rosin and concentrates without the use of harsh chemicals or compounds, creating a superior taste. 


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Created with no chemicals at any step of the production process, keeps the rosin completely clean and allows users to taste the cannabis without a chemically bitter aftertaste found in other products.

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The process of creating high-quality concentrate or rosin without the use of harsh chemicals that change the flavor and chemical makeup of the rosin itself.


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