Solventless extraction

When you use any type of rosin or concentrate, you’re using cannabis products in their densest and most impactful form. Before the cannabis can be turned into rosin, it must undergo an extraction process. The extraction helps make the beneficial cannabinoids more easily available and allows rosin producers to create stronger, more flavorful products. There are many different ways to extract cannabis to turn it into rosin and the methods used can dramatically impact the quality of the product you buy. Solventless extraction is one of the best options out there.

What Is Solventless Extraction and Why Is It Better?

Solventless extraction is a method of creating rosin and concentrates without the use of harsh chemicals or compounds. The process is often completed with nothing more than water, ice, and time. Solvent-based extraction methods effectively combine the chemicals with the cannabis itself. The resulting concentrate is still usable, but it’s usable at a cost.

Those chemicals used in the extraction process get absorbed by the rosin. That means anytime the rosin is smoked or vaped, the user risks inhaling trace amounts of those solvents. In small doses, there may not be a huge problem. However, with frequent exposure or constant use of solvent-extracted cannabis, the chemicals may start to cause health issues and problems. Further, some states prohibit businesses from using the most common solvents because of their perceived health risks.

The Taste Will Be Superior

The chemicals aren’t just potentially damaging to your health. They can change the way the cannabis rosin tastes when it’s dabbed or vaped. The chemicals often leave behind a bitter and unpleasant taste that covers up the taste of the cannabis itself. For smokers that enjoy the taste of cannabis, solvent-extracted rosins will be nothing more than a disappointment. Solventless extraction methods let the cannabis speak for itself and allows smokers to enjoy the subtle flavors of each rosin every time they use it. The better the flavor is, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

What You Should Look For

When you’re buying rosin, make sure you understand how the rosin was produced. Look for products that specify that they’re produced with water-based, solventless, and water and ice extraction methods. This way, you’ll know that the products you’re buying are free of chemical contaminants. If you’re not sure about the extraction methods, get clarification before you make your purchase.

Choosing the Right Rosin Extraction Method Matters

When it comes to buying high-quality rosin, the last thing you want to do is settle for a product that’s not made with the best possible tools and equipment. At Sovereign Labs, we believe that clean, solventless extraction methods are the best way to produce products people will enjoy using regularly. The rosin will have a pure cannabis flavor that lets each strain’s unique qualities shine through with every hit. Don’t end up with a stash of subpar product that no one wants to use. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let our team help you find the right rosin quickly.