Water-based extraction

When it comes to finding high-quality rosin, most people look for products with great taste, consistent dosages, and a variety of strains to choose from. Though these factors are important, what matters far more is how the rosin is produced. There are many different extraction methods that companies can choose from, but each extraction method offers different benefits that impact the way consumers enjoy their rosin products. Water-based extraction is one of the cleanest methods in play.

What Is Water-Based Extraction

Water-based extraction is a method of creating high-quality concentrate or rosin without the use of harsh chemicals that change the flavor and chemical makeup of the rosin itself. The process itself is surprisingly simple. It starts with freezing cannabis flowers. This makes the plant matter incredibly brittle and makes the beneficial cannabinoids more bioavailable than they otherwise would be. Once the flower is sufficiently frozen, it gets added to a large bucket. From there, the frozen flower gets covered with cold water and tumbled almost like it’s in a washing machine.

The agitation in the water allows the beneficial components of the cannabis to separate from the plant’s structure. This makes the final product more potent than what you’d find using straight cannabis flower. Once the initial agitation process is finished, the plant matter gets strained out and separated from the liquid and the remaining resin. This removes any contaminants from the remaining cannabis and forms the basis of a highly potent concentrate. Once the contaminants are removed, the cleaned resin gets heated and compressed to create the rosin you know and love. 

Why Water-Based Extraction Is Great

Traditional extraction methods use caustic chemicals and solvents to expose the beneficial cannabinoids in the plant. These chemicals change the taste of the rosin while also putting your health and the health of the environment at risk. After extraction, the chemicals need to be disposed of and, even with proper disposal, they can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem and contaminate the water supply. 

Water-based extraction relies on nothing more than clean water and a series of filters. There are no chemicals at play and the wastewater can safely be dumped down the drain or filtered again for future use. Even better, the rosin produced is pure—there won’t be any change to the flavor or the potency due to chemical reactions with the cannabis itself. All you’ll get is the clean cannabis flavor you normally enjoy. 

What to Look for When Buying Water-Based Extracted Rosin

As with any cannabis product, you’ll want to make sure you choose rosin that’s tested by a third-party service. This ensures consistency in concentrations and makes it easier to measure doses out every time. At Sovereign Labs, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality rosin every time. Our water-based extraction methods provide consistency and purity with every step. Whether you’re looking to buy products for yourself or want to offer the best rosin and concentrates at your dispensary, we’re here to help. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our processes or to place an order.