Water & Ice extraction

High-quality cannabis rosin is one of the best ways to enjoy the finest strains without having to light up dried flower. The rosin itself is an ultra-concentrated powerhouse of full-spectrum THC, CBD, and other beneficial cannabinoids associated with the plant. Extracting the concentrate and turning it into usable rosin can be done in different ways. However, water and ice extraction is one of the best methods in use today. Here’s what you need to know about this unique extraction method.

It’s Completely Clean

Cheaper and less reliable rosin producers create products with caustic solvents and chemicals. These chemicals seep into the final product and can influence the taste of the rosin itself. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fully separate the chemicals from the rosin and traces will be left behind no matter how careful the producer is. Not only does the process change the flavor, but it makes the final product harder to sell. Cannabis users don’t want to be inhaling chemical residue every time they set up their dab rig or use their vape device. They want to experience the strain they selected.

Water and ice extraction uses nothing more than water and ice. There are no chemicals at play at any step of the production process. This keeps the rosin completely clean and allows users to taste the cannabis without a chemically bitter aftertaste found in lower-grade products. Further, those chemical residues won’t end up in users’ lungs with each inhale. For cannabis users that truly enjoy the experience, clean rosin is an absolute must. It gets rid of the burnt taste associated with straight bud and enhances the flavor of each strain. 

The Process Works Because of the Cold

The biggest challenge is extracting the resin from the cannabis plant itself. Traditional water extraction works, but there’s always the risk of leaving behind bits of THC-rich resin in the plant material itself. Combining the frozen cannabis flower, water, and plenty of ice makes it easy for the resin in the plant to separate out in the agitation phase. The frozen cannabis breaks down faster and the ice water cools the resin, helping it to separate out and settle at the bottom of the container. The more resin the process produces, the more THC the rosin can contain. After agitation, filtration, and compression, the rosin will be ready for packaging and use. 

Water and Ice Extraction Is Always a Great Choice

If you’re looking for the best cannabis rosin, it doesn’t get much better than rosins produced through water and ice extraction methods. The final product is clean and allows the user to experience the best of their favorite cannabis strains and types. Without the use of harmful chemicals, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the rosin you choose is the highest quality option on the market. At Sovereign Labs, we believe that no user should ever have to deal with chemical residue. That’s why we prioritize clean extraction methods every time. Contact us to learn more about our processes.